Hibbing Hoops Create #Quaranteam Movement to Keep Active, Remain Connected

Created: March 30, 2020 10:40 PM

What started as an idea last Sunday among Hibbing boys basketball head coach Joel McDonald and his son, sophomore guard Ayden McDonald, has grown into a following.


"The idea just kind of came around sitting around I guess. Ultimately, it became this guy's job next to me to actually do the hard work," explained Joel pointing to Ayden.

With nearly 200 basketball players in the Hibbing youth program, the McDonalds wanted to provide some direction for players to continue working on their skills, even in these not so normal times. Now, multiple times a week Joel will record a video of Ayden demonstrating certain drills.

"In the summer, we have a skills academy thing that we do each morning Monday through Thursday," explained Ayden. "We're just taking some of the ball handling stuff from that and sending it out," he added.

Whether it's a video on dribbling or showcasing footwork, they'll post their videos to Hibbing boys basketball social media accounts using #Quaranteam. When posting, they've asked others to submit their workouts and they have.

"When replies started to come in on our Facebook page and you have kindergartners going through the legs and doing all the things that Ayden is doing is kind of a challenge, it's really cool," said Joel.

Coach McDonald says they want these videos to be tailored to everyone. He believes the key to staying connected is by having a teammate like Ayden do the workouts to make it feel personable, like they aren't going through what is going on in the world alone. Ayden hopes to lead by example for their entire program

"To be a role model for them because I know what that's meant for me," said Ayden. "For me, Abbey [his sister] was a big one. I know what it meant for me, so I hope I can just give back to them."

They plan to continue it until the quarantine period is over.

"We're going to keep going as long as we're stuck at home," Joel said laughing. "That's the plan. Ayden and I talked about it after we recorded the first episode so to speak and we said this is something we're starting now. We need a commitment on our end because we want guys on the other end to be committed too," he added.

They're hoping their #Quaranteam movement can extend beyond their Hibbing program.

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