Up North: Burley sisters set sights on success in archery Nationals

Alicia Tipcke
Updated: January 06, 2021 10:44 PM
Created: January 05, 2021 11:10 PM

Sisters Izzy and LeeAna Burley have been competing in archery since they were about five years old. Now the high schoolers are two of the top-25 compound archers in the north.

Inside the Burley's Carlton home, walls are covered in trophies, plaques and other archery achievements. 

"This one is midwest triple crown," said LeeAna, picking up a trophy from a display in the hallway. 

In Izzy's room she showed a wall of well earned awards and, "various medals I've gotten."

Head into their garage and you'll see why they're so accomplished. 

The space is large enough to shoot indoors, or the target can be rolled outside for longer range practice. This makes it possible for sisters Izzy and LeeAna Burley to train all year long. 

"We don't really shoot at any ranges, other than we have JOAD down in the [Twin] Cities and other than that we shoot here. We only shoot here basically," said LeeAna. 

Izzy, a junior at Cloquet High School, and freshman LeeAna currently shoot for three teams across the country. This year both sisters earned their way into the USA Indoor Nationals. 

"That's like the building blocks to be able to join the USAT team which is the USA Archery Team," said Izzy.

Originally held in Becker, Minnesota, the event was moved to Bismarck, North Dakota to provide archers a safe and fun place to compete during the pandemic.

"Competitions are way more fun than training. You can't really meet people or have fun with your friends without going somewhere or having a tournament," said LeeAna.

The people, Izzy said, are part of what make competitions so fun. 

"I like the people. The people are mostly the reason why I'm sticking to archery. The communities [have] very vast personalities and very vast people."

Izzy and LeeAna will set their sights on success at nationals coming up this weekend. 


Alicia Tipcke

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