11 arrested from overnight protest events in Duluth

Updated: May 31, 2020 11:04 PM

Mayor Emily Larson and Police Chief Mike Tusken shared more about protests in Duluth and the response. Seven adults and four juveniles were arrested, and all were local except for one, who was from Minneapolis.


Things started on foot, after the peaceful protest through downtown. Then they moved to vehicles, which Tusken said made things more difficult to respond to, even with 101 officers on duty between Duluth, Superior, and St. Louis County.

Tusken said, "We had multiple incidents and multiple times. We had times where critical mass of people all gathered together. All came to a head at Kwik Trip at 27th Avenue W and Superior Street. We had an employee that was assaulted. We had officers assaulted. We had objects thrown at us. Ultimately we gave dispersal order. We waited a few minutes. Gave the order again. Ultimately we deployed gas to disperse the crowd. We did not have voluntary compliance. That's how the night ended."

It has been a long time since they've used gas, but it has been used when suspects have been barricaded.

There was also an arson of a vehicle on Central Entrance. And they responded to 18 disturbance calls, according to Tusken. There were some property damage calls as well, and Tusken said owners should call the police to report those.

Larson said the gear the police were wearing was NOT the recently purchased riot gear. The masks are important for safety amid during the pandemic, according to Tusken. 

For Sunday night, the curfew continues, starting at 9pm and running through 6am Monday. Tusken said he's asked for help from Sheriff Litman and Chief Alexander again. "I've declared an emergency through the union contract, put out an all-call to the staff so they will have maximum staffing tonight."

Clean up of the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial will be done by city staff on Sunday.

Larson said, "I want to thank the 1000+ people who came out yesterday, who made the fear and sense of injustice known. Who marched in the streets of Duluth, who were loud and fierce in passion. We are receiving that message loud and clear, and I share in your anger and injustice."

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