Virus relief plan gives Illinois' Cook County reprieve on food stamps

The package will only help the county temporarily. The package will only help the county temporarily. |  Photo: WDIO/MGN

Created: March 29, 2020 08:37 AM

CHICAGO (AP) - Food stamps recipients in that nation's second-largest county are getting a reprieve through a coronavirus relief package signed earlier this month, but it's only temporary.


Nearly 60,000 people in Cook County, who are able-bodied and without dependents, were at risk of losing their public benefits under fresh guidelines that took effect this year.

The fallout was expected to hit around the same time a similar but unconnected Trump administration rule to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, affected the same category of people nationwide.

States sued and a federal judge granted an injunction, but that left out Cook County.

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