What to do if you're waiting on your stimulus payment

Amy Adamle
Created: May 18, 2020 09:11 AM

Have you gotten your stimulus payment yet?  If not, you're not alone.  Many Americans are still waiting on theirs and for those struggling to make ends meet, they're desperately in need of that help.  


Barry Bigelow with Great Waters Financial said tens of millions of Americans are still waiting on theirs and they might not be sent out until September.   

While you wait, he said there are things you can do to make sure you're on track to receive it. 

"The big thing is that the IRS actually has a tool, 'Get My Payment' tool, so get on there, get your information in there, find out where your payment is at," Bigelow said.  "See if you can push it forward a little bit, by getting on that tool, make sure your information is correct, make sure you're on the right website."

The website you should visit is  Bigelow said do not call, because it will be hard to get help in a timely manner.  The online resource is the best option, but be careful not to fall victim to scams.  

Bigelow said the key to avoid them is to slow down. 

"You wouldn't do a real estate transaction over a break, while you're doing something else or multitasking, and so that same intensity that you would take with getting a loan or writing a large check for something, take some time, set it aside, make sure that whatever you're looking at is what it's supposed to be," Bigelow said. 

He also said the IRS won't email you, unless you're working with a specific person directly.  There is the potential for a second round of stimulus payments, but you should plan without it and not rely on that payment coming. 


Amy Adamle

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